Mary Ryan has been a psychotherapist and teacher since 1984. She draws from the concepts of Carl Jung and Karlsfreid Durckheim, among others, and is committed to working with clients in their journey towards wholeness. Utilizing strategies that include metaphors and archetypes, Mary aims to support clients through difficult passages in their lives. She offers both group, couples, and individual therapy. Her private practice has locations in Springfield, IL and Jacksonville, IL. See contact information for inquiries regarding appointments.


"One of the many ideas you've taught me: recognizing the value of the part you consider your 'enemy' and nurturing yourself"  -L.P.   1986

"I have noticed that most of those who seem to be working strong recovery programs are 'F.O.M.s' (friends of Mary). Please take this as a testimonial that whatever you are doing, it is working"  -L.G.   1993

"I think of you as one who has believed against the grain"  -B.D.   1998

"Thank you for your love, patience, and above all, your honesty with me" -K.T.   2010

"What a brilliant, creative clinician!" "The Art of Therapy" Review, 2015