Since 1984, Mary Ryan has presented to a wide range range of audiences, including corporate staff, field professionals, youth/young adult groups, among others. Her seminars use film, poetry, prose, and mythology to elucidate psychological concepts and material. In the last decade, Mary has become an frequent presenter for Academy of Addictions Treatment Professionals and the Jung Society of St. Louis. Known for being warm and engaging, she invites her audience to expand their worldview and consciousness. 

You can find a list of future presentations on our welcome page, here

"Mary is an engaging dynamic speaker... fountain of knowledge. Mary is the finest presenter I have seen in years."  -"The Art of Assessment" Review, 2015

"She made some very complicated concepts very accessible in a short amount of time" -"The Art of Assessment" Review, 2015

"I was getting very stale. This seminar has been very freeing. Thanks!" -"The Art in Therapy" Review, 2015

"Profound, phenomenal. Loved her presentation and the content!" -"The Art in Therapy" Review, 2015